Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ore no Hamburg Shibuya-ten (Hamburger steak)

I really wanted to go this restaurant !!!
I reached to there at 10:00 pm, but 3 people wait front of the restaurant.
This restaurant closes at 4:00 am, so I think many people come there.

When we entered, there were many people. They stayed long time, because they couldn't find other restaurants. So it took long time to finish eating.

We ate Hijiki (edible brown algae ), miso soup, rice, hamburger steak and vegitable juice.

I ordered hamburger steak with cheese, the taste was good, but this restaurant's recommendation was 'Ore no hamburg'. I want to eat it so much !!!

You can eat second helping of rice.

Name : Ore no hamburg Shibuya-ten
Location : Shibuya, 1F Wada building 3-18-5 Shibuya Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Price : 1000 yen ~
Menu : Japanese

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