Saturday, July 4, 2009

MADAM K (Hamburger)

This is a hamburger restaurant, but they also sell Udon, Tonkatsu, Curry rice and so on !
Of course I ordered hamburger ! Ordinary in Japanese hamburger restaurants, they sell a hamburger about 1000 yen. However in this shop, we can eat a hamburger at 450 yen ~ and their hamburgers are big !!!!

I tried to eat 'Onion burger', unfortunately, perhaps now is not a high season of onions, so I couldn't enjoy eating well.

At high season of onion, I want to eat it again !

Name : Madam K
Location :Shinjukugyoen, 16-24 Tomihisacho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
Price : 450 yen ~
Menu : Japanese

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