Saturday, July 4, 2009

Crape Style Pancake Shibuya-ten (Crake)

We can eat Crake only in Shibuya now.
I have eaten "American Standard" and "Original Crake".
American standard has cookie cream ice cream, original cookie, oreo, chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce.
Original crake is maple syrup taste.

Crake is smaller than ordinary Japanese crapes, so for me it is hard to eat it.
They were delicious but I prefer to ordinary crape and pancake.

Name : Crape Style Pancake Shibuya-ten
Location : Shibuya, 1F 1-6-3 Jinnan Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Price : 380 yen~
Menu : Japanese and English

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  1. i'm so envy i want to eat to.... i hate my wheat problems !!!