Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I will go to HARU COMIC CITY 18 on 17th March.

Please don't order any Kuroko no basket doujinshis or items!!!!!

The deadline of your shopping list : 4th Mar PM11:59 (Japan time)

The period of your payment : 8th  Mar PM11:59 (Japan time)
* I also accept orders from Japanese customers, so I can't accept big orders as usual.
And it is possible that I will close earlier.

* Some people contact me after the deadline, but I can't accept and don't reply.

Handling charge
Doujinshis and Doujin items:1000yen/1 circle
*Please pay additional charge 1000yen every excess 10000yen
I can combine shipping, but you must pay handling charge separately, if you buy other items which are not event items.
@@@@Please read first@@@@

* I don't have a transaction with a minor.

* I don't have a transaction with a person who don't read my blog. I won't answer if you ask me a question which I have already mentioned in my blog and I will judge you don't read my blog and cancel your order.

* I will cancel your order when I judge that I can't continue to have a transaction with you.

If you understand it, please write "HCC18" as password in the first order mail of haru comic city 18.


* In this time all of you need to pay all in full in advance.
* I refund your advance payment if you send it after the deadline of payment. Because it takes more than 3days to reach your payment from my paypal account to my Japanese bank account.

* If you can't reply me soon and can't often check my blog till I send out your packages, please don't order.

* I will cancel your order when you fall behind in your payment or don't reply me soon.

* If the circles don't announce prices, please send following advance payments.
New book set (shutter area and wall area) 3000yen
New book set (center seat) 2000yen
New book set (other) 1000yen
Doujinshi 500yen
Reprint book 1500yen
Copy-bon 300yen

* If you want all doujinshis of the circle, please tell me the following items
1 You need combination doujinshi or not
2 which coupling do you want

* When the circle will sell new books, I can buy only NEW BOOK SET. I can’t buy them separately. If you want to choose which new books do you want, please order next event.

* Please don't complain to me when I can't get your items. If you complain about it, I will refuse your next order.

If you want to order, please read the instractions before order.

1 There is no guarantee that I will be able to get all books or items which you order.

2 I will send a shopping list before events. If you don't check the list and reply before events, I can't accept for your order.

3 For new customers, please reply within 3days before shipment. If I can't receive your email within 3days, I will cancel your order and never have a transaction with you.

4 Please check my blog and twitter till you receive the package.

5 If you need item pictures, I will attach them.

6 Almost all Doujinshis and items are not packed and event places are so crowded. It is possible that they are damaged little. If you care for the quality of Doujinshis and items, I recommend no ordering.

7 If you pay more than 500yen as extra fee, I will visit your favorite circle first.
* I prioritize a customer who pay the highest fee. I always go to events by the first train, so I guess it is possible that I will be able to get items when I visit first.
* If the customers who pay extra fee and the customers who don't pay extra fee order items from same circles, I will buy only items from the customers who pay extra fee first.

* I don't accept extra fee for company booth.
(I haven't decided about extra fee yet.)

8 When I judge it is impossible to bring my luggage by bad weather, its weight and so on, I have them delivered. So I charge you delivery charge according to the amount of items. About thick book like anthology or reprint book, you need to pay the delivery charge of 2 books.

9 I can ask to draw illustration on sketch book, its fee is 1000yen/1 circle. For example, if you want illustrations of 2 circles, your fee is 2000yen.
10 It takes a lot of time to buy doujinshis from famous circles, so I visit them last, but if you pay extra fee, I visit them first.

11 If you care for getting freebies, please don't order. I can't promise to get them.

12 I can't answer shipping charge by the nature of my service in advance, please don't ask it.

13 Due to bad weather, it is possible that the items are damaged.

14 If you want to add more order after making payment, I charge you 300yen/1 payment as additional fee. After the deadline, I accept payment via western union, please don't send money via paypal after the deadline!
* If I can't buy any items, I won't refund additional fee.

15 I don't accept the orders from the customers who don't pay for a long time.

16 When I refund money, I use paypal.

If you understand these instractions, please tell me the following items.

* If you don't know the correct circle name or the booth number, I can't accept your order.
Your name :
Your address :
Your paypal address :
Doujinshi title or item name :
Circle and author name :
Circle or author website :
Circle booth number :

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Friday, February 15, 2013

about auction bidding service

I always try to choose the cheapest domestic shipping charge and payment charge, but it is possible that the domestic shipping charge and payment charge are sometimes higher than you thought by the payment and shipping method which I use and the sellers' reason.

If you can't understand it, please don't order.
And if you complain to me about it, I never have a trasaction with you.

Customers who have more than 5 transactions with me can order auction bidding.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

animate cafe AMNESIA

I will go to AMNESIA cafe after 12th Feb.

They sell limited items.

Badge lottery 200yen/1 badge
clear file 367yen
cookie 680yen

If you want to know the details, please ask me!

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

冬のガールズマーケット in アニメイト池袋本店 Winter Girls' market In animate Ikebukuro

 冬のガールズマーケット in アニメイト池袋本店 Winter Girls' market In animate Ikebukuro will be held from 9th Feb to 31th Mar.


I will go to there on 9th Feb (the first day).

handling charge of this event is usual handling charge

Togainu no chi
sweet pool
Uta no prince sama
Lucky dog1

Hakuouki cushion cover 2625yen
Hakuouki rubber charm lottery 300yen/1 lottery
Lucky dog cushion cover 2625yen
AMNESIA decoration jacket 525yen for each
AMNESIA book mark set 525yen for each
AMNESIA cup 1575yen for each
AMNESIA  bag with badge 1575yen for each
AMNESIA  rubber charm lottery 300yen/1 lottery
AMNESIA cushion cover 2625yen for each
Togainu no chi cushion cover 2625yen for each
sweet pool cushion cover 2625yen
Lamento cushion cover 2625yen for each
Uta pri strap Natsuki 2100yen
Uta pri strap Syo 2100yen
Uta pri magnet lottery 200yen/1 lottery
Uta pri strap Cecil 2100yen
CLOCK ZERO cushion cover 2625yen for each
華ヤカ哉、我ガ一族 mini towel 525yen
鬼灯の冷徹 cup 1050yen for each
DIABOLIK LOVERS cup 1575yen for each
DIABOLIK LOVERS mouse pad 525yen for each
DIABOLIK LOVERS decoration jacket 525yen for each
DIABOLIK LOVERS book mark set 525yen for each

If you want to know its details, please feel free to ask me!

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