Monday, July 27, 2009

Kisyoutei 吉松亭 (horsemeat 馬肉料理)

This is a rare restaurant in Japan.
Ordinary we eat horsemeat as frozen Sashimi, but in this restaurant we can eat many hoursemeat dishes. For example, Sukiyaki, hamburger steak, Gyoza, Harumaki and so on...
In this day, I ate Sashimi, Gyoza, Sushi, cutlet and stew.
I think the taste of horsemeat is better than beef or pork !!!!
It is so tender and healty ! Especialy it is so cheap !

I also have visited this restaurant at lunch time, lunch set is reasonable price.

Name : Kisyoutei
Location : 1-13-12 Kitaotsuka Toshima-ku Tokyo
Price : 1880 yen ~ (dinner)
Menu : Japanese

吉松亭 [ 和食 ] - Yahoo!グルメ

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