Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grand Cross グラン・クロス (Curry rice カレーライス)

Today I ate beef curry rice.
This curry sauce was not so thick, but it was so much for me!

To tell you the truth, I am still full...I ate a lunch about 9 hours ago.
And I couldn't eat today's dinner.

I also could eat salada bar, it was a set of curry rice and add omlet.
Please look the picture, curry rice with omlet! It looks so good!

Name : Grand Cross
Menu: Japanese and English
Price : 1300 yen ~ (lunch)
Location : Celestine Hotel 1F 3-23-2 Shiba Minato-ku Tokyo

Monday, October 26, 2009

Doujinshis which I am selling now at eBay

Now I am selling 3 Doujnshis which I got at J-GARDEN27. If you have an interest about them, please check them.

1 Kaori Ozaki's Immortal Rain Doujinshi "Meteor Methuselah Fan book メテオ・メトセラ完全攻略本" 
2 Tohru Kousaka's No money! 3 Doujinshi set + paper
3 Naduki Koujima's Our Kingdom Doujinshi + post card.

Please check my eBay page!


In this weekend SAIYUKI FESTA´09 will be held.
In this event, special items will be sold and some of them are Doujin items.

If you want to get these items, please ask me!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

After J-GARDEN27

I went to J-GARDEN27 today.
I could get all Doujinshis which you ordered.
If you haven't received my mail yet, please contact me!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Foulee Therapie

Today I had a "Foulee Therapie", it is a special massage by foot.
My body was stepped by foot, but I didn't feel any pain.
After massage, I always feel sluggish, however I am fine now.
I have a nasty swelling on my leg. It's so terrible!
I hope Foulee Therapie put off a swelling from me!
If you know a good way to put off a swelling from the lower half of the body, please tell me!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today is the last day (J-GARDEN 27)

The deadline for applications of J-GARDEN 27 is today.

If you want to order, please contact me soon!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

BUCK-TICK 2010 calender

Finally they start to sell BUCK-TICK 2010 calender!
This is a special item only for fan club members and I buy it every years.
But I haven't used it, I won't also use 2010's calender, too.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


"COMIC CITY SPARK" will be held on Nov 1th.
If 3 pepole give me orders, I will go.

If you want to order, please click and contact me!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Japan Lunch じゃぱんらんち (Chicken Nanban チキン南蛮)

Today I write about Japanese bent (box lunch).
I bought Chicken Nanban bento from Japan Lunch which is near by my office.
Chicken Nanban is popular menu in Japanese bento stores. Chicken Nanban is fried chicken with tartar sauce.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Joe's Shanghai (Chinese) only pics

Joe's Shanghai (Chinese)

Joe's Shanghai is one of famous restaurants in New York and its branch opened in Japan!
We visited there at lunch and ordered B course which had soup, 2 Xiao Long Bao, fried rice, pork and dessert.
The couse had Xiao Long Bao but we ordered crab Xiao Long Bao and pork Xiao Long Bao. Especially in this restaurant, crab Xiao Long Bao is famous.
Crab Xiao Long Bao is really delicious and each Xiao Long Bao were so bigger than other Xiao Long Bao which I ate.
Xiao Long Bao's soup was so thick!
By the way, dessert was also so good.

Name : Joe's Shanghai
Location : Sunshine City 59F
Menu : Japanese
Price : 1500 yen -(lunch)

Information of J-GARDEN 27

Mangakas who join "J-GARDEN 27"
Naduki Koujima
Lily Hoshino
Kano Miyamoto
Touru kousaka
Taishi Zaou

Saemi Yorita
Ikue Ishida
Kaori Ozaki

There's a limit to the number of Doujinshis, you won't be able to get them unless you book them early.

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Information (Maki Murakami)

This is an information of Maki Murakami's new Doujinshis.

It will release on Nov 5th - 15th.


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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Doujinshi Information (J-GARDEN 27)

I will go to "J-GARDEN 27" which is an event and they sell Doujinshis on Oct 25th, so if you want to get Doujinshis, please contact me till Oct 23th!

Mangakas who join "J-GARDEN 27"
Naduki Koujima
Lily Hoshino
Kano Miyamoto
Touru kousaka
Taishi Zaou

Now I am searching more information, please wait!

Click Here! Please give me your order or contact me!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

BUCK-TICK FISH TANKer's ONLY 2009 at Zepp Tokyo

I could see the concert at a good place, too.
They played almost same songs but in this day they played "empty girl", "Just one more kiss" and "Galaxy".

By the way, I was so surprised that Imai's pick passed over my head!

I hope we will be able to get this concert's DVD.

I can't wait next BUCK-TICK's live! But I must wait till the end of this year...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

BUCK-TICK Tour memento mori -REBIRTH- at Zepp Tokyo

Today I went to Buck-tick concert at Zepp Tokyo, this was the last concert for me in
memento mori -REBIRTH-.
Here is Set List, but I forgot when they played Jonathan Jet-Coaster.

Set List

1 Les Enfants Terrible
2 Suzumebachi
3 Montage
4 Katteni Shiyagare
5 Umbrella
6 Motel 13
7 Coyote
8 Kirameki no nakade
9 Lullaby-3
10 Memento mori
13 Tenshi wa dareda
14 Makka na yoru

En 1
1 Chikashitsu no melody
2 Kyokutou yori ai wo komete

En 2
1 Alice in Wonder Underground
2 Revolver
3 Heaven

I could see this live concert, at great space! I could enjoy so much!
When they played "Alice in Wonder Underground", they missed, but they played again soon.
Today is fan club member only live.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tokyo Khao Man Kai 東京カオマンガイ (Khao Man Kai カオマンガイ)

Before I wrote, I really love "Hainanese chicken rice". But unfortunately there are not many Singaporean restaurants in Japan and I searched other chicken rice instead of Hainanese chicken rice. I finally found "Khao Man Kai", it is a Thai food. There are many Thai restaurants in Japan, so I often went to Thai restaurants to eat Khao Man Kai, but Khao Man Kai ordinally has one spicy sauce, I can't enjoy the taste.

Tokyo Khao Man Kai is a good Khao Man Kai restaurant for me, because they have not spicy sauce. I have already visited there twice.

I ate 2 kinds of Khao Man Kai, steamed chicken and fried chicken. I prefer to steamed one.

Name : Tokyo Khao Man Kai
Menu : Japanese
Price : 590 yen-
Location : 1F Sato house Building 3-7-8 Uchikanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The typhoon day

Today we had a typhoon.

When I went to work, the sun shone but the strong wind blew! It blew the umbrella off, I was afraid that it hit me! So dangerous!
I wonder why Japanese office workers go to word at the typhoon day and Japanese companies think their office workers come to work at the typhoon day for granted. So crazy!
Today, the typhoon killed and hurt some people, so I think that it is so dangerous for us to go out at the typhoon day.
I hear that in Taiwan, when they have a typhoon, they don't need to go to work and school. It is a good idea! Japan is so stupid and fool!

The train which I use everyday stopped when I reached station, so I had to go to the station of subway, it took about 10 min by walk.
I used subway, however it also stopped! I was late for work about 30min.
Some of my co-workers came to office at noon and couldn't come. Today was open, but there's no business.

I promise, if I have my own company, I will close my office when the typhoon comes.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The typhoon

Now I am so nervous, because the big typhoon will come Tokyo but I will have to go work. (now I am working in a company as an office worker and after working and weekends I have my own business.)
I really really don't want to go work tomorrow! I am so afraid that the train stops and stay for a long time in a crowded train! Soooooooooooooooooooooo terrible!
In such a situation, I always think it is so great for me if I can have my own business in my house or near by my house.
I hope my business will grow and be big in the near future!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

For customers

Thank you for using my personal shopper service and bidding for my eBay items.
Unfortunately, the typhoon is coming to Japan now, so I won't send out any packages till this week end.
Please understand this situation.


In this week, sad accident happened.
Ryokan where Zashiki-warashi lives burned down.
Zashiki-warashi is a Japanese spirit and looks like child. People who can meet Zashiki-warashi can have good luck.
Actually some politics could become Prime Ministers and some presidents could grow their business so big after meeting Zashiki-warashi in this Ryokan.
One of my dreams was meeting Zashiki-warashi there since I was a small child. But my dream doesn't come true... It's so sad.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Papa Crepe (Crepe)

I think "Papa Crepe" is the best crepe shop in Japan.
Especially its dough is delicious, it is middle crispy. There are many crepe shops in Japan, but their dough is like rubber!

I always order choco spray with fresh cream, I like simple taste.

Unfortunately we can't eat Papa crepe whenever we want to eat, becaue Papa Crepe is a a food wagon. So I can eat it once a month.

If you find Papa creap, I recommend that you eat it soon!

Name : Papa Crepe
Menu : Japanese
Price : 350 yen -

Youka Nitta information

Nov 10th Haru wo daiteita vol.14 (Final)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Inoda Coffee Tokyo Daimaru イノダコーヒー東京大丸店 (beef cutlet sandwitch ビーフカツサンド)

Yesterday was so bad day for me! Because I forgot to take a train pass and ID card! So terrible! I was so depressed and needed to change my feeling, so I decided to go "Inoda Coffee" and eat beef cutlet sandwitch. It was a big decision for me, because beef cutlet sandwithch was so expensive!
The atmosphere of the cafe was so good, it was a luxury place and they had seats front of window.

I ordered beef cutlet sandwitch and also cake which was called "Ram Rock".
2 bacons were on sandwitch, they were really really so delicious! I hadn't eaten such a great bacon! Of course sandwitch was also delicious...but I prefer bacon.

By the way, many people ordered "Brunch set", it looked so nice! 2 sausages, ham, salada, bread, egg and coffee... I decided to eat it in the near future!

About cake, it was really my taste! ram tasted cake was coated with chocolate. I felt good on the tongue.

When I paid money, I found they sold other cakes, they looks so nice and especially aple pie was great! It was so big!

Name : Inoda Coffee Tokyo Daimaru
Location : Tokyo Daimaru 8F
Menu : Japanese and English
Price : 420 yen-