Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ohitsuzen Tanbo Nishishinjukuten おひつ膳田んぼ西新宿店 (Butakakuni Ohitsuzen 豚角煮おひつ膳)

In this restaurant, you can eat a lot of Japanese rice.

I ordered "Butakakuni (Braised pork belly) Ohitsuzen ".

We can eat rice in our favorite style in this restaurant.

I tried to eat Ochazuke (a bowl of rice and tea) style once, but it was not my taste because the tea was Genmai-cha (a mix of green tea and roasted brown rice).

I prefer to soup stock, if it was a soup stock, its taste was good for me.

And Butakakuni Ohitsuzen costed 1800 yen, in my opinion, it is expensive.


Name : Ohitsuzen Tanbo Nishishinjukuten

Location : Nishishinjuku, Nishishinjuku Mitsui Building 2F

Menu : Japanese and English

Price : 1000 yen ~ (Lunch)

おひつ膳 田んぼ 西新宿店 [ 和食 ] - Yahoo!グルメ

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