Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Information (Ayano Yamane)

I decide to write new information of items !!
If you want to get information, please give me your request !!!

Have you already got Ayano Yamane's new book 'Finder no Shinjitsu (Finder Series vol.5)' ?
The first edition of this book has an application of 'Koisuru series' book !!!
And if you buy Ayano Yamane's items (mangas, B-boy GOLD and other items) at more than 1000 yen, you will be able to get Finder's special book cover !!! (First come, first served)

This month's B-boy GOLD has Finder's drama CD !!!!

And the next B-boy GOLD will have 'Love Prize vol.4' !!!!

If you want these items, please contact me !!!

Japan Shopping Assistance Service (My site, personal shopper service)

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