Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pre-order: Ichiban-kuji (1 set, whole box)

 Before you make an order, please read these articles.

If you want Ichibankuji which I don't accept pre-order in this article or you apply after the deadline, the price is the fixed price.

I can accept pre-orders of Ichiban-kuji (whole box)!  They are so popular items, if you are interested in them, please order soon! You don't have a time to consider whether you buy or not!

If you want to know the prize contents, please feel free to ask me!

The prices don't include handling charge of Japan Shopping Assistance Service and international shipping charge(paypal charge incl).
It is possible that the price will be cheaper and the items will arrive before the release date.

Payment deadline is PM 0:00 25th July (Japan time)

Please order soon, if you don't want to miss it.

If you miss it, you will have to buy them at the fixed price.

Some people have already missed the chance to get them at a special price, when they didn't order soon after my announcement. 

1 Ichiban kuji  THE IDOL M@STER Movie

fixed price  39,600yen → ask

total 66 lots
Prize A  tapestry  Haruka (1)
Prize B  Sleeping beauty version tapestry (1)
Prize C Haruka Amami kyun chara  figure (2)
Prize D  Chihaya Kisaragi kyun chara figure (2)
Prize E  Miki Hoshii kyun chara figure (2)
Prize F art plate (6)
Prize G clear file and post card (22)
Prize H rubber strap (30)
Prize last one tapestry last one version (1)

2 Ichiban kuji ONE PIECE Doressrosa version (release date end of Sep)
fixed price  49,600yen → ask

total 80 lots
Prize A  Lucy figure (1)
Prize B  Trafalgar Law figure(2)
Prize C  Donquixote Doflamingo figure (2)
Prize D  cushion (3)
Prize E  plush strap (2)
Prize F  face towel (14)
Prize G  clear poster (20)
Prize H  glass (26)
Prize I   rubber strap (26)
Prize last one  Trafalgar Law disguise version figure

3 Ichiban kuji premium Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha INNOCENT 1st Duel   (release date end of Sep)
fixed price  83,000yen → ask

total 100 lots
Prize S Newly drawn big size art pannel (2)
Prize A Nanoha Takamachi premium figure (3)
Prize B Fate Testarossa premium figure (3)
Prize C towel (4)
Prize D newly drawn original clear poster (13)
Prize E Glass (18)
Prize F rubber strap (27)
Prize G kyun chara (30)
Prize Last one newly drawn visualize flame (1)

4 Ichiban kuji  The Irregular at Magic High School (release date beginning of Oct)
fixed price 40,920yen → ask

total 66 lots
Prize A cushion (2)
Prize B T-shirts men's L size (2)
Prize C art poster (2)
Prize D radio CD (5)
Prize E face towel (12)
Prize F stationary set (16)
Prize G rubber strap (27)
Prize last one art poster (1)

5  Ichiban kuji ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL -ARS NOVA- (release date middle of July)
fixed price 39,600yen → ask

total 66 lots
Prize A Iona kyun chara figure (2)
Prize B Takao kyun chara figure (2)
Prize C Haruna kyun chara figure (2)
Prize D Yotaro plush (1)
Prize E drama CD (3)
Prize F original poster (10)
Prize G stationary set (20)
Prize H rubber strap (26)
Prize last one Yotarou plush surprised version (1)

6  Ichiban kuji premium Fate series 10th anniversary Saber special 2nd (release date end of Sep)
fixed price 90,000yen →ask

total 100 lots
Prize S art book Fate/flower shower second edition (2)
Prize A  Saber premium figure (1)
Prize B  Saber Alter premium figure (2)
Prize C Saber premium figure (2)
Prize D Master Altria Premium figure (2)
Prize E poster (9)
Prize F post card (18)
Prize G premium art glass (20)
Prize H rubber strap (18)
Prize I Saber special kyun chara figure (26)
Prize last one Saber premium figure last one version (1)

7  Ichiban kuji premium K-ON! 5th anniversary (release date end of Oct)
fixed price 90,000yen →ask

total 100 lots
Prize A  Yui Hirasawa premium figure (1)
Prize B  Mio Akiyama premium figure (2)
Prize C Ritsu Tainaka premium figure (2)
Prize D Tsumugi Kotobuki Premium figure (2)
Prize E Azusa Nakano premium figure (2)
Prize F printed original shikishi (10)
Prize G chara pane (15)
Prize H glass (18)
Prize I portlait (18)
Prize J kyun chara (30)
Prize last one Yui Hirasawa special ver (1)

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