Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My event schedule

I will go the following event.

If you want to order from these event, you must resister a news letter member.

And if you also resister  PRIZE JAPAN member, I will give you 500 points. You can use it as 1yen/1point when you do the shopping at PRIZE JAPAN.

If you spend more than 5,000yen at PRIZE JAPAN, I will give you a priority ticket.

What is a priority ticket?


2014.8.31 GOOD COMIC CITY 21, Tales Link3, Puri☆Con 3, ALL STAR 2, Break Shot! 2, artevarie

2014.10.12 COMIC CITY SPARK 9

2014.11.8-9 Animate Girls Festival 2014

2014.12.29-31 COMIC MARKET 87

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