Monday, July 7, 2014

Pre-order : Ani-kuji K Ver.4 (1 set, whole box)

 Before you make an order, please read these articles.

I can accept pre-orders of ani-kuji (whole box)!  They are so popular items, if you are interested in them, please order soon!

If you want to know the prize contents, please feel free to ask me!

The prices don't include handling charge of Japan Shopping Assistance Service and international shipping charge(paypal charge incl).
It is possible that the price will be cheaper and the items will arrive before the release date.

Payment deadline is PM 0:00 25th July (Japan time)

Price 70,000yen

total 66 lots
Prize A Big Cushion (2)
Prize B Shiro kyun chara figure (4)
Prize C Kuro kyun chara figure (4)
Prize D  Suoh kyun chara figure (4)
Prize E  Munakata kyun chara figure (4)
Prize F Misaki kyun chara figure (4)
Prize G Fushimi kyun chara figure (4)
Prize H B2 poster (8)
Prize I glass (12)
Prize J key chain (30)
Prize K clear file set (24)

please order from mail form or

 If you want to order, click here!

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