Thursday, October 8, 2009

The typhoon day

Today we had a typhoon.

When I went to work, the sun shone but the strong wind blew! It blew the umbrella off, I was afraid that it hit me! So dangerous!
I wonder why Japanese office workers go to word at the typhoon day and Japanese companies think their office workers come to work at the typhoon day for granted. So crazy!
Today, the typhoon killed and hurt some people, so I think that it is so dangerous for us to go out at the typhoon day.
I hear that in Taiwan, when they have a typhoon, they don't need to go to work and school. It is a good idea! Japan is so stupid and fool!

The train which I use everyday stopped when I reached station, so I had to go to the station of subway, it took about 10 min by walk.
I used subway, however it also stopped! I was late for work about 30min.
Some of my co-workers came to office at noon and couldn't come. Today was open, but there's no business.

I promise, if I have my own company, I will close my office when the typhoon comes.

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