Sunday, October 11, 2009

BUCK-TICK Tour memento mori -REBIRTH- at Zepp Tokyo

Today I went to Buck-tick concert at Zepp Tokyo, this was the last concert for me in
memento mori -REBIRTH-.
Here is Set List, but I forgot when they played Jonathan Jet-Coaster.

Set List

1 Les Enfants Terrible
2 Suzumebachi
3 Montage
4 Katteni Shiyagare
5 Umbrella
6 Motel 13
7 Coyote
8 Kirameki no nakade
9 Lullaby-3
10 Memento mori
13 Tenshi wa dareda
14 Makka na yoru

En 1
1 Chikashitsu no melody
2 Kyokutou yori ai wo komete

En 2
1 Alice in Wonder Underground
2 Revolver
3 Heaven

I could see this live concert, at great space! I could enjoy so much!
When they played "Alice in Wonder Underground", they missed, but they played again soon.
Today is fan club member only live.

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