Thursday, October 1, 2009

Inoda Coffee Tokyo Daimaru イノダコーヒー東京大丸店 (beef cutlet sandwitch ビーフカツサンド)

Yesterday was so bad day for me! Because I forgot to take a train pass and ID card! So terrible! I was so depressed and needed to change my feeling, so I decided to go "Inoda Coffee" and eat beef cutlet sandwitch. It was a big decision for me, because beef cutlet sandwithch was so expensive!
The atmosphere of the cafe was so good, it was a luxury place and they had seats front of window.

I ordered beef cutlet sandwitch and also cake which was called "Ram Rock".
2 bacons were on sandwitch, they were really really so delicious! I hadn't eaten such a great bacon! Of course sandwitch was also delicious...but I prefer bacon.

By the way, many people ordered "Brunch set", it looked so nice! 2 sausages, ham, salada, bread, egg and coffee... I decided to eat it in the near future!

About cake, it was really my taste! ram tasted cake was coated with chocolate. I felt good on the tongue.

When I paid money, I found they sold other cakes, they looks so nice and especially aple pie was great! It was so big!

Name : Inoda Coffee Tokyo Daimaru
Location : Tokyo Daimaru 8F
Menu : Japanese and English
Price : 420 yen-

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