Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tokyo Khao Man Kai 東京カオマンガイ (Khao Man Kai カオマンガイ)

Before I wrote, I really love "Hainanese chicken rice". But unfortunately there are not many Singaporean restaurants in Japan and I searched other chicken rice instead of Hainanese chicken rice. I finally found "Khao Man Kai", it is a Thai food. There are many Thai restaurants in Japan, so I often went to Thai restaurants to eat Khao Man Kai, but Khao Man Kai ordinally has one spicy sauce, I can't enjoy the taste.

Tokyo Khao Man Kai is a good Khao Man Kai restaurant for me, because they have not spicy sauce. I have already visited there twice.

I ate 2 kinds of Khao Man Kai, steamed chicken and fried chicken. I prefer to steamed one.

Name : Tokyo Khao Man Kai
Menu : Japanese
Price : 590 yen-
Location : 1F Sato house Building 3-7-8 Uchikanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo

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