Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BUCK-TICK Tour memento mori REBIRTH at Akasaka BLITZ

On Sep 16th, I went to BUCK-TICK live concert at Akasaka BLITZ, it was my first time to go new Akasaka BLITZ, I often went to old Akasaka BLITZ.
There is Akasaka Sacas around Akasaka BLITZ, Akasaka Sacas has many restaurants and shops. To visit Akasaka Sacas was one of my plesure ! Before concert, I decided which restaurant I wanted to visit.

When I visited place which BUCK-TICK tour goods were sold, I found photo book of BUCK-TICK. I would buy nothing, but I bought photo book...because people who bought photo books could get post cards ! So I had to buy it, it was so heavy and expensive (5000 yen).

I was in standing area, unfortunately, I couldn't see the stage well.

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