Saturday, September 19, 2015

Report of product selling : New Prince of Tennis Tenipuri Junior High School Party

Today I went to the exhibition, New Prince of Tennis Tenipuri Junior High School Party which is held at Sunshin City in Ikebukuro.
Today's important purpose was buying event limited goods, so I didn't have a time to see a display.

I waited for 5 hours (from 5am to 10am) but could get a good position.

When we got in a line, the trouble happend. Some people cut in and they had a huge blowup.
When the Great East Japan Earthquake happend, we Japanese were showered with praise for our behavior, but many Japanese are self centeredness to get event goods.

By the way, recently, some shops don't sell limited goods for foreigners who can't speak and write Japanese and  don't live in Japan. Because the foreigners who come from a certain country buy up rare goods and Japanese people can't buy them.
If you are planning to visit to Japan and buy limited goods, please remember it.

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