Thursday, September 17, 2015

Delivery will delay

We will have 5 days national holidays from 19th to 23th Sep in Japan and can't withdraw money from the bank.

So I will ship after the holidays, if you are in hurry, please make a payment via western union.

I can accept orders as usual, however, I will join some events, I think my reply will be delay.

You can order the following event items now!

New Prince of Tennis Tenipuri Junior High School Party ←the deadline is coming soon!

LOVELIVE! Kotori Minami Minalinsky Birthday Cafe

Gift SHOP 2015 Autumn

Free! Eternal Summer X Anime Plaza Collaborations Cafe

animate cafe Junjo Romantica and Emerald


Ichiban kuji (whole box, 1 set)

If you want to order, please contact kaimonodaikou_japan* (*→@)

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