Saturday, October 4, 2014

New auction rules and the auction handling charge.

Before you make an order, please read these articles.

If you want me to bid for auction items, please read this article first.
I accept auction orders from the customers who can understand new auction rules and auction charge.

The customers who fall under all of the following can use my auction service. If you can understand them and want to use auction service, please send me e-mail. If you are a customer who can use my auction service, I will reply.

1 excellent customers (customers who used my service more than 5 times etc...) can use my auction service.

2 The customers who can choose the auction which have more than 24 hours left and order and send money. But when I can't use PC, I can't accept.

3 The customers who don't complain about the auction payment charge and the auction domestic shipping charge. I choose the best and safety payment method and domestic shipping method, they are not always the cheapst.  
* Many Japanese sellers don't mention about the domestic shipping charge or the domestic shipping charge is often changed, so I can't guess how much should we pay the total in advance.
And if they mention the auction charge, it is not always correct.
* If you buy large items or the item location is far from Tokyo, the domestic shipping charge is high.

4 The customers who can understand the difference of auction culture between your countries and Japan. Many Japanese sellers are office workers and work early and late. So some of them can ship the package once in a week.  

5 I don't want to have a transaction with bad sellers and foreign sellers.

6 I don’t bid for the fake item.

7 I don't accept snipe bidding request.

8 If I am swindled, I won’t refund money. I report to the police but if you want me to take legal action like consulting a lawyer, or Legal Proceeding, you must pay all the cost.

9 When you send money, please inform me soon.

10 I can keep your item for a month.

11 If you have any questions, please ask me before order.

12 Please always check my blog before order.

13 If you can’t keep these rules and make a complaint, you never use my service.


Auction charge (a fee contingent on success)

1 The first bidding charge

1,000yen/1 auction (when you order more than 24 hours left)

I can bid only one time, if you want to increase your price, you must pay 500yen/1 time as rebidding charge.

* If I have a time, I can accept the following auction order.

within 24 hours from the end of the auction 1000yen/1 auction
within 16 hours from the end of the auction 1500yen/1 auction
within 8 hours from the end of the auction 2000yen/1 auction
within 6 hours from the end of the auction 3000yen/1 auction
within 4 hours from the end of the auction 4000yen/1 auction
within 2 hours from the end of the auction 5000yen/1 auction
within 1 hours from the end of the auction 6000yen/1 auction
within 30 minutes from the end of the auction 8000yen/1 auction
within 15 minutes from the end of the auction 10000yen/1 auction

2 Final value fee

Final price X 10%


How to auction order

1 Please tell me which item do you want and your maximum bid.

2 Please send advance payment (your maximum bid + expected domestic shipping charge and payment charge + the first bidding charge + paypal charge).

3 If I can win the auction and receive the package, please pay the final value fee + the balance. If I can't win the auction, I will refund all.

For example (the case of your maximum bid 10,000yen and final price is also 10,000yen)

First payment
your maximum bid 10,000yen
the domestic shipping charge 500yen
the doemestich payment charge 300yen
the charge of one time bid more than 24 hours left 1,000yen
paypal charge 512yen

Second payment
the final value fee 1,000yen
the international shipping charge XXX yen
the paypal charge XXX yen

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