Thursday, September 20, 2012

TIGER & BUNNY The Beginning movie

I will go to TIGER & BUNNY The Beginning movie on 22th Sep.

If you want to order these items, please contact me soon!

pamphlet limited edition  2500yen
pamphlet standard edition 800yen
pencil board 300yen
sticker (Kotetsu, barnaby, karina, antonio, keith, pao-lin, nathan, ivan) 350yen (each)
key holder 980yen
clear holder set 700yen
note book 300yen
sticker 400yen
eversharp pencil 600yen
fan (kotetsu, barnaby) 1200yen (each)
plush key chain (Kotetsu, barnaby) 800yen (each)
trading rubber strtap 500yen
glasses cloth 700yen
kotetsu bag 6800yen
barnaby bag 6800yen
wild tiger jacket 9800yen
barnaby jacket 9800yen
puppet  kotetsu 4500yen
mobile strap 800yen
wallet chain 950yen
PDA ring (kotetsu, barnaby, karina, antonio, keith, pao-lin, nathan, ivan) 1800yen (each)
chou chou 1000yen

If you want to know its details, please feel free to ask me!

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  1. Are you still doing this or am I too late?