Thursday, September 20, 2012

TIGER & BUNNY The Beginning in Namja town

I will go to TIGER & BUNNY The Beginning in Namja town on 4th Oct.

knit muffler  wild tiger version  2800yen
knit muffler  barnaby version 2800yen
eye patch case wild tiger version 1200yen
glasses case barnaby version 1200yen
melon and strawberry drops 500yen
origami cyclon candy 800yen
block memo pad kotetsu, keith, antonio version 1000yen
block memo pad barnaby, ivan and karina version 1000yen
door plate 500yen (each)
hero cookie 1000yen
japanese hand towel  old wild tiger version 500yen
japanese hand towel origami cyclon version 500yen
post card 150yen (each)
pouch wild tiger version 1800yen
pouch barnaby version 1800yen
hood towel old wild tiger version 2500yen
hood towel rabbit plush version 2500yen

If you buy more than 2000yen, they will give us the original sticker set,. If you order more than 2000yen, please tell me 3 of your favorite characters.

And if you pay food charge, I will give you an original coaster.

If you want to know its details, please feel free to ask me!

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