Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sukiya Burg (Hamburger steak)

On Wednesday, I finally went "Sukiya Burg" !!!

I am a big fan of hamburger steak !!! So I was so happy to go there !!
I really wanted to go there. Because on internet it rank high in the public esteem.
I arrived there at 1:00 pm, I didn't wait to enter but all the seats in there were occupied soon.
The characteristics of restaurant, we can choose sizes of hamburger steak, topping and sauce.
I chose hamburger steak with "W cheese","egg", demi-glace sauce and "soup and rice set".
I especially liked its cheese, it melted good and was a good match for the hamburger steak. Really delicious !!!
After eating hamburger steak, I ate an apricot-kernel jelly (I had a free ticket !). It also good taste.
Name : Sukiya Burg
Location : Sukiyabashi, near by B10 exsit of Ginza station (subway)
Menu : Japanese
Price : 900 yen ~

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