Friday, May 29, 2009

MARUZEN Cafe (Hayashi rice)

On Tuesday I went "MARUZEN cafe".

"MARUZEN" is one of famous book stores in Japan, some "MARUZEN" have cafes and we can eat "Hayashi rice" there.

"Hayashi rice" is one of Japanese style Western foods and means "Hashed beef with Rice" in English. We can eat "Hayashi rice" in many restaurants, but "MARUZEN" is specially famous for "Hayashi rice", because Yuuteki Hayashi who is the founder of "MARUZEN" made "Hayashi rice" first.

"MARUZEN" has many kinds of "Hayashi rice" !!!! I chose "Camembert Hayashi rice " (Please look picture !). It was funny taste. However if it is the first time for you to eat "Hayashi rice", I recommend you choose simple "Hayashi rice".


Name : MARUZEN cafe

Location : Nihonbashi (front of Takashimaya departmentstore)

Menu : Japanese and English

Price : 1000 yen ~

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  1. hey michiyo-chan

    this food look so delicious :)

    i really miss japanese food and i miss you.