Monday, June 11, 2018

Proxy service : TOKYO FES Jul.2018

some customers don't follow notes despite that they read and understand notes. I don't accept their orders.

Please  subscribe to a news letter before you make an order! Unscribers can't make an order!

You will have a chance to get rare items which will be sold at TOKYO FES Jul.2018 on 1st July !


チャリアに乗ってどこまでも 4 高緑

ひとすじの光 2 青黒

ライオンとチワワ! 2 赤降

 おはこん! 2 朝昼晩

 ガン流ISLAND 4 ガンガン

 擬人化王国 17 擬人化

 SHOW TIME でしょ!! 5 SB69

 一つ屋根の下 5 Bプロ

 TOON MIX 2 海外アニメ・コミッ



マシュマロはポエムのあとで 密誉

恋に至るまで100万課金!? 至万



11番目の勇者 2 DQ11

 アナザーコントロール 9 アトラス


惑星のステージ Jupiter

 閃華の刻 23 刀剣

つるいちもんめ 7 つるいち

匂へし君と華燭を燈す 5 へし燭

さだめし川に燃ゆ 5 兼堀

恋も喧嘩も江戸の華 5 いずむつ

獅子は戦場を舞う 3 獅子王中心

蒼慈緋刀 5 安清

愛でし月夜は花の宴 2 三日月受

むらさきの正し伝説 村正派

I will join as circle, so I can enter earlier.

If I miss to buy the items, I try to buy them from the direct shops or mail order.
I can use back order from animate and toranoana. especially it is rare to use back order from toranoana!


I am a "Japanese personal shopper", and here's the flow of transactions:

1. Please e-mail me (my address is when you'd like to order. And please write the password "july2018".

2. Please tell me the following:

     A. Your name :
    B. Your shipping address :
    C. Your paypal address :
    D. item name :
    E. Circle name :
    F. Circle website :
    G. Circle booth number :

3. I will tell you the details and how much you will pay the advane payment and the expected handling charge.

Handling charge 
Doujinshi or item:750yen~/1 circle

* If I visit the same circle more than twice, you need to pay more than 2000yen as the handling charge.

But if you request me to buy popular circle or company booth, you need to pay the waiting charge 2000yen/1 hour.

4. If you can accept, please pay the advance payment via paypal. When you send money, please inform me!

5. I will tell you the result after 2nd July.

6. Please choose the mode of shipment.

7. Please pay the handling charge and the international shipping charge.

8. You can receive the tracking number from Japan post office.


Act now - email me today at and...

1. I can accept a FREE Consultation and Cost Quatation.

2. If you are lucky, you will get the freebie.

3. If I can't buy any items, you don't need to pay any handling charge.

Unfortunately, I can't accept the orders from such customers:

1. Minors

2. Customers who don't read my blog. I won't answer if you ask me a question which I have already mentioned in my blog and I will judge you don't read my blog and cancel your order.
3. Stingy person
4. Other Japanese or foreign porxy service
5. Fowarding address service users
6. Someone that causes trouble

7. Person who complain to me about the result or condition of items (almost all Doujinshis and items are not packed and event places are so crowded. It is possible that they are damaged little. If you care for the quality of Doujinshis and items, I recommend no ordering)

I give priority to the returning customers. But the more you use my service, your priority level will be higher.

1. customers who give me circle tickets
2. customers who are my newsletter members long time and frequently use my service. 
3. customers who are my newsletter members and have used my service. 
4. People who are news letter members

About priority
* I will visit the circles which 1-4 people order earlier.
* I will accept additional orders from only 1-4 people.
* I will give 1-4 people freebies as priority
* I will ship the items for 1-4 people as priority. 

If you decide to order, please read these articles.

P.S. Remember - the sooner you email me, the sooner you can get a priority!

Please order or request other events or usual items:






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