Monday, September 4, 2017

Proxy service : Harada Solo Exhibition “Happy Shitty Life”

They say, they sell only the art book by mail order, so if you get other goods, you need to visit the gallery directly!

But if you use my service, I will visit and buy the goods instead of you!

1 item price (expected price)

1. rubber strap 756yen for each

2. art book 1620yen

3. cushion 3240yen

4. bag 2700yen

5.  T-shirts 5940yen

6. poster 3240yen

7. poster 5400yen

8. random badge 540yen

9. art graph unknown

If you want to know the details, please feel free to ask me!

2 Handling charge

Please read this site. I can combine shipping, but you need to pay handling charge separately.

3 waiting charge

If I must wait for buying the items, you need to pay the waiting charge 2000yen/ 1 hour

4 Dead line

Sep 23th  

If you want all items which you want, please order as soon as possible!

5 Limitation

rubber strap (1) 2 for each / 1 day

badge (8) 14 / 1 day

others (2,3,4,5,6,7) 1 / 1day

6 international shipping charge and paypal charge

I don't know the weight of each item, so I can't answer the international shipping charge now.
If you mind how much is the shipping cost, please don't order.

Unfortunately one customer has already ordered and I can't accept order for the first day. But if you order today, I can visit the second day!

If you decide to order, please read:


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