Tuesday, August 15, 2017

proxy service : Dear+ 20th Anniversary Artworks Exhibition

more pictures


Please follow!

Now I can accept orders from people who can pay admission fee and waiting charge!

They are event items, I can't accept any cancellation!
If you cancel, I never accept your order!

Please don't send me email from hotmail or outlook! YOU CAN'T RECEIVE MY MAIL!

Before you make an order, please read these articles.


In this event, you must pay admission fee + item price + usual handling charge  + international shipping charge (with paypal charge).

1 item price (expected price)

Please see the following page.


art graph 21600-43200yen

random badge 324yen

art book 2160yen

post card 162yen for each

random standee 864yen

binder 3780 yen for each

clear file 378yen for each

masking tape 756yen for each

memo pad 972yen for each

printed genga 1620yen for each

mobile case 4104yen for each

omanju mascot 1404yen for each

If you want to know the details, please feel free to ask me!

2 Handling charge
Please read this site. I can combine shipping, but you need to pay handling charge separately.

3 Dead line

Aug 19th (if the deadline past, please ask!) 

If you want all items which you want, please order as soon as possible!

4 Limitation

standee 10

badge 23

omanju mascot 2

5 international shipping charge and paypal charge

I don't know the weight of each item, so I can't answer the international shipping charge now.
If you mind how much is the shipping cost, please don't order.


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