Wednesday, October 12, 2016

[Direct Selling] Unused Nikon DW-30 Waist Level Finder 16,000yen!

 you can order new and used camera and photo accessories directly!

If you want them, please feel free to ask me! In many cases, the prices will be lower than eBay prices.

There are many good second hand camera shops in Japan and I know many of them.
And Japanese eBay sellers who are selling camera and photo accessories  purchase from such second hand camera shops.

Before you buy from eBay, please ask me!

Nikon DW-30 Waist Level Finder
if you want to know the details, please read this eBay page.
I am selling it at 390$ + shipping charge, but if you contact me directly,  the price will be 16,000yen + shipping charge. I can provide a price lower than half the eBay price!
If you are interesting in it, please send message to kaimonodaikou_japan☆ (☆→@)

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