Monday, September 5, 2016

Proxy service: ヴェルサイユ宮殿~玉座の間~ Versailles Philharmonic Quintet

They are event items, I can't accept any cancellation!
If you cancel, I never accept your order!

Please don't send me email from hotmail! YOU CAN'T RECEIVE MY MAIL!

Before you make an order, please read these articles.

In this event, you must pay item price + travel expense + usual handling charge  + international shipping charge (with paypal charge).

1 item price (expected price)

Please see the following page.

Group poster 1080yen
Poster 540yen for each
random bromide 324yen
random badge vol.1 540yen
tea 2160yen
cookie 600yen
pound cake 600yen
pop corn 980yen
random badge vol.2 540yen
sticker 540yen
key chain 1620yen for each
cheki file 1620yen
pendant top 14040yen
pendant 45cm 19440yen
pendant 50cm 20520yen
bracelet for ladies 8640yen
bracelet for men 8640yen
earphone jack 1944yen
lunch tote bag 1944yen
2way bag 3780yen
big tote bag 4860yen
booklet 5400yen
chou chou 1620yen for each
new rose light 1620yen
T-shirts 3780yen for each
bag charm 1944yen
button accesary set 1944yen
hoodie towel 4320yen
5 posters set 2160yen
paper bag 540yen

and more!

If you want to join stamp rally, please ask me!

2 Handling charge
Please read this site. I can combine shipping, but you need to pay handling charge separately.

3 Dead line

21th Sep 12:00AM (Japan time)

If you want all items which you want, please order as soon as possible!

4 Limitation

5 international shipping charge and paypal charge

I don't know the weight of each item, so I can't answer the international shipping charge now.
If you mind how much is the shipping cost, please don't order.

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