Friday, December 18, 2015

Proxy service: Kuroshitsuji Black Butler Funtom Cafe

 If you send me an email from hotmail, you can't receive my mail.

Please please add my mail address to your sefe senders list, or don't use hotmail.

Before you make an order, please read these articles.

Kuroshitsuji Black Butler Funtom Cafe will be held from 15th Jan to 14th Feb.

if you want to order limited items, you need to pay admission fee and travel expense.
you can get

I can combine shipping, but you must pay handling charge separately

Limited items

acryk key chain 900yen for each
blanket 2500yen
tumbler 2200yen
mug 1500yen
plate 2500yen
tea 2000yen
cookie 2000yen
lunch mat 1200yen
tote bag 1500yen
clear file 400yen
IC card sticker 500yen for each
post card lot 300yen
badge lot 300yen

Please order from mail form or

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