Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Gift Plush Special Event in animate ACZ

They are event items, I can't accept any cancellation!
If you cancel, I never accept your order!

Before you make an order, please read these articles.

From 18th to 31th July, we can buy Gift plush at aniamte ACZ.

If you want these items (, please ask me.

In this event, you must pay item price + usual handling charge  + international shipping charge (with paypal charge).

1 item price (expected price)

plush 3240-3456yen for each
sweet pool Tetsuo, Yoji
Lamento Konoe
DRAMAtical Murder Mizuki, Sei, Aoba Bakuro version, Mink, Koujaku, Ren
Togainu no chi Akira Y-shirts version
Houzuki no reitetsu Houzuki
Attack on titan Levi private fashion version, Armin, Eren, Jan, Levi,
Vanguard Asia circuit version Taishi, Ren
Uta no prince sama Debut Masato, Ren, Syo
Uta no prince sama Haruka, Camus, Ranmaru, Reiji, Ai, Cecil, Tokiya, Otoya, Syo
Hakuoki not kimono version Okita, saito, Todo, Harada, Kazama
Diabolik Lovers Ayato, Kanato, Shu, Subaru, Light, Reiji

DRAMAtical Murder Aoba and Ren

plush strap 2484yen for each
DRAMAtical Murder Clear, Virus, Trip, Ren, Mizuki, Sei, Koujaku, Noiz, Mink, Aoba

Slipper 3780yen
DRAMAtical Murder Ren and Beni

2 Handling charge
Please read this site. I can combine shipping, but you need to pay handling charge separately.

But if you want to buy more than 2 of the same item, please ask me.

3 Dead line

30th July (Japan time)

If you want all items which you want, please order as soon as possible!

4 Limitation
we can buy only 1 for each plush in a day.

I will give priority to returuning customers.

5 international shipping charge and paypal charge

I don't know the weight of each item, so I can't answer the international shipping charge now.
If you mind how much is the shipping cost, please don't order.

Please order from mail form or

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