Friday, August 1, 2014

DRAMAtical Murder Midorijima Summer Festival in Shinjuku Marui Annex

Before you make an order, please read these articles.

I will visit DRAMAtical Murder Midorijima Summer Festival in Shinjuku Marui Annex  from 4th to 12th Aug .

The items which they are selling,

In this event, you must pay item price + usual handling charge + travel expense + contingency fee + international shipping charge.

1 item price

DRAMAtical Murder Cookie 660yen with 1 bromide

Acryl key chain 648yen for each

big key chain 1080yen for each

magnet 540yen for each

clear file holder 378yen for each

towel 648yen for each

can strap lottery 300yen/1 lot

can badge 540yen for each

2 usual handling charge
Please read this site.

3 travel expense
You must pay 383yen/1 visitation as travel expense.

* I think they will set a limitation, if you order more than 2 items, it is possible that I will have to visit them more than twice.
ex) If I visit them four times to buy all items which you order, you must pay 1532yen as travel expense.

* You must pay travel expense if I can't buy any items which you order.

4  the order of priority
Priority ticket > Returning customer > New customer

About priority ticket, please read the below.

5 contingency fee
Priority ticket 0yen/1 item
Returning customer 300yen/1 item
New customer 500yen/1 item

ex)  If I can buy 4 items, you must pay 1200yen (or 2000yen) as contingency fee.

* I will give priority to the returning customers.

5 the result

I will inform you the result after 5th Aug.

If you can understand it and want to order, please write "dmmdmsf" as the pass word.

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