Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pre-orders of Ichiban-kuji and Taito kuji (Whole box)

I can accept pre-orders of Ichiban-kuji (whole box)!
Payment deadline is PM 0:00 30th May (Japan time)

The prices don't include handling charge of Japan Shopping Assistance Service and international shipping charge.
It is possible that the price will be cheaper.

1 Capybara-san × earth music & ecology (release date end of June)
fixed price 33,000yen →ask

2 ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL (release date middle of July)
fixed price 39,600yen → ask

3 Bakemonogagari seris (release date end of July)
fixed price 80,000yen → ask

4 LOVELIVE! 2nd stage (release date middle of June)
fixed price 39,600yen → ask

5 Kill La Kill (release date end of Aug)
fixed price 39,600yen → ask

6 Fate series 10th anniversary Seiber special 2nd (release date end of Sep)
fixed price 90,000yen →ask

7 Free! sweet macaron (release date end of June)
fixed price 36,000yen →ask

fixed price 39,600yen → ask

 If you want to order, click here!

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