Saturday, January 18, 2014

I can't take the orders from the customers who bring me trouble.

I can't take the orders from the customers who meet the following items.

Because in my experience, such customers bring me a lot of trouble and they always delay my work and put other customers to much trouble.

If you don't stick to these rules, I never have a transaction with you. I won't reply to them.

1 the people of impetuous disposition.
* I give priority to the event request and they often request suddenly. If I have many sudden event request, my other works are delayed.

2 the people who don't consider the time difference.

3 the people who don't read my blog or ignore my comment in my blog and ask persistently.

4 the people who send email from hotmail address.
* emails from hotmail address often don't reach to my mail box.

5 Additionally, if I deem that I can't have a transaction.

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