Tuesday, May 28, 2013

ブロッコリーガールズミュージアム BROCCOLI girl's museum Uta pri

 ブロッコリーガールズミュージアム BROCCOLI girl's museum will be held from 8th June to 16th June.

handling charge of this event is usual handling charge.

Uta pri trading can badge 300yen/1 time
Uta pri tapestry (Reiji, Ranmaru, Ai, Camus) 1260yen for each
Uta pri bath towel (ST☆RISH, QUARTET☆NIGHT) 5250yen for each
Uta pri tights (Otoya, Tokiya, Masato, Ren, Natsuki, Syo. Cecil ) 2500yen for each

kamigami no asobi tapestry 3000yen
kamigami no asobi towel 500yen for each

If you want to know its details, please feel free to ask me!

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