Wednesday, July 18, 2012

アニメイト池袋本店×Giftコラボショップ2012 [SUMMER] animate X Gift collaboration shop 2012 summer

animate X Gift collaboration shop 2012 summer will be held from 1st Aug to 2nd Sep.

Togainu no chi
Dramatical murder
sweet pool
Uta no prince sama
Lucky dog1

Hakuouki book cover 1000yen
Hakuouki glass 1000yen
Lucky dog pouch 1890yen
Lucky dog book marker 525yen
Lucky dog decoration jacket 525yen
Hanaoni plush Kaki 3150yen
Hanaoni plush Hibiki 3150yen
Hanaoni book cover 1050yen or 1000yen
Togainu no chi book cover 1000yen
Togainu no chi mouse pad 525yen
Togainu no chi glass 1000yen
Uta pri strap Otoya 2100yen
Uta pri strap Tokiya 2100yen
Uta pri decoration jacket 840yen
Uta pri plush Cecil 3150yen
Dramatical murder glass 1000yen
Dramatical murder bookmarker 525yen
Dramatical murder mouse pad 525yen
Dramatical murder decoration jacket 525yen
Lamento glass 1000yen
Lamento plush  strap Rai 2100yen
Lamento book cover 1050yen or 1000yen
Lamento mouse pad 525yen
AMNESIA glass 1000yen
AMNESIA handkerchie 525yen
AMNESIA mouse pad 525yen
AMNESIA book cover 1050yen or 1000yen
CLOCK ZERO book marker 525yen
CLOCK ZERO decoration jacket 525yen
Toki no kizuna bookmarker 525yen
Toki no kizuna mouse pad 525yen

If you buy more than 3000ye, they will give us the original shopping bag (uta pri, otomate or Nitro + chiral, you can choose your favorite one!)

If you want to know its details, please feel free to ask me!

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