Monday, December 26, 2011

The current highest extra fee

I will accept extra fee till 27th for 29th and 30th and 29th for 31th.

If you pay extra fee, please check my blog and if you need, please tell me how much do you want to pay.

29th (1st day)
inumog 1300yen new!
Yuubinbasya 1200yen
Yubinbasya 1100yen
inumog 1000yen
プロペラ式 500yen
トキワzone 500yen
JUICE 500yen
狛江サロン 500yen
暁光 500yen
池袋なう 500yen
幸漫 500yen

30th (2nd day)
ANAGURANZ(Hinako Takanaga) 2000yen
ぴんくのこねこ 1000yen
亜熱帯アジア奇行(Asia Watanabe) 900yen
harenti-cinema(Lily Hoshino) 800yen
亜熱帯アジア奇行(Asia Watanabe) 700yen
ダブルスラッシュ 600yen
UNKY 600yen

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