Monday, March 14, 2011

About my work

I tell you about the situation.

Now I can accept orders, but I can't go to some shops and items won't arrive soon.

And I asked Japanese post office today, they say we can send out packages for abroad, but it is delayed.

About shipment, I think I will send out packages with tracking number like EMS and registered mail.

For the time being, it is possible I won't be able to reply you soon by power failure or transportation.

Please please understand this situation.


  1. hey michiyo

    i'm glad that you are fine. is sachiko ok too? i don't have her current e-mail adress or mobile mail adress. can you send me her adresses via e-mail? that would be great. miri and sarah also asked if you are ok. we are deeply worried about our friends in tokyo.

  2. I am just very glad you're safe.

  3. You shouldn't worry about it too much, people are just happy enough to know that you are safe.
    After something this disastrous it will be a while before things go back to "Normal".

    Things will happen when they are able to, just focus on staying well for now.

  4. OMG

    I am so glad you are relatively safe!!

    Please just focus on surviving and keeping out of harms way.


  5. very happy to see that you are safe and well

  6. Very happy that you are well and safe.