Friday, September 17, 2010

Libre information for Animate Girls Festival 2010

Libre will sell their limited items on Animate Girls Festival 2010.

I guess these items will be sold at only Animate Girls Festival 2010.

1 Libre premium (book) 2000yen (if we are lucky, we will be able to get Ayano Yamane shopping bag as bonus!)
2 Ayano Yamane Akihito Takaba pillow case 8000yen
3 IC card decolation sticker Ai Hasukawa ver 1000yen
4 IC card decolation sticker Hinako Takanaga ver 1000yen
5 Yonezo Nekoda clear holder set 500yen
6 Suzuki Tanaka oil control paper 500yen
7 Tarako Kotobuki paper 100yen

And we can reserve Asami doll with special bonus there, but its price is really so expensive. 99750yen!

If you want to get them, please ask me!


  1. Thanks love!

    I'll prob buy libre premium book and pillow case but you did not mention how big the pillow is?

    Also if you find out other company's selling special items please update me with information! Thanks<3

  2. I'm interested in the Libre premium book but before I purchase I was wondering what kind of book it is. Artbook? Manga? If you hear of anymore specialty items please let me know!Thank you!