Monday, November 23, 2009

Otakkou Tamachi ten お多幸 田町店 (Toucha teishoku 豆茶定食)

Toucha means Tofu and Chameshi (Chameshi is a rice which is cooked by Tea).
A big Tofu is on a bowl of Chameshi with Oden soup!
At lunch time, we can eat Toucha teishoku, it contains Toucha and 3 kinds of Odens or baked fish.
Of course, I ate Toucha with 3 odens, my choice of Odens were egg, potato and Chikuwabu (tubular wheat-gluten cakes), I like Chikuwabu it the best! But in Japan, I hear that without Kanto area, Chikuwabu is not famous and popular Oden food.

Name : Otakou Tamachiten
Menu : Japanese
Price : 650yen~ (lunch)
Location : 1F Tokuei Building 5-33-7 Shiba Minato-ku Tokyo

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