Tuesday, April 16, 2013

タイトーくじ本舗『薄桜鬼 ~遊彩絵巻~』 Taito Kuji Hakuoki

タイトーくじ本舗『薄桜鬼 ~遊彩絵巻~』 Taito Kuji Hakuoki will be released on May.

600yen/1 time

Prize A newly drawn blanket
Prize B zabuton (cushion)
Prize C plate
Prize D face towel
Prize E  pouch
Prize F letter pad and seal set
Prize G mini figure
Prize H rubber strap
last happy prize long cushion

I will try to draw lots instead of you!

Please tell me how many lots do you want to draw and which items especially you want!

If I can draw many lots, it is possible you will be able to get your favorite items!

If you want to know its details, please feel free to ask me!

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