Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hamburg Will (Hamburger steak)

Today I went hamburger steak restaurant, again. I ate 2 hamburg steakes in this week !!!

Ordinary Japanese hamburger steak consists of pork and beef or only beef, but this restaurant's hamburger steak consists of only pork.

I chose mozzarella cheese hamburger steak with hot spring egg (it is free, please try it). In my opinion, pork hamburger steak tastes peculiar but its restaurant's hamburger steak doesn't. It is very easy to eat.

I finished eat at 2:00 pm, many people still had lined up in front of the restaurant !


Name : Hamburg Will

Location : Shinjuku gyoen, near by 2 exsit of Marunouchi line (subway)

Menu : Japanese and English

Price : 1280 yen ~

Sukiya Burg (Hamburger steak)

On Wednesday, I finally went "Sukiya Burg" !!!

I am a big fan of hamburger steak !!! So I was so happy to go there !!
I really wanted to go there. Because on internet it rank high in the public esteem.
I arrived there at 1:00 pm, I didn't wait to enter but all the seats in there were occupied soon.
The characteristics of restaurant, we can choose sizes of hamburger steak, topping and sauce.
I chose hamburger steak with "W cheese","egg", demi-glace sauce and "soup and rice set".
I especially liked its cheese, it melted good and was a good match for the hamburger steak. Really delicious !!!
After eating hamburger steak, I ate an apricot-kernel jelly (I had a free ticket !). It also good taste.
Name : Sukiya Burg
Location : Sukiyabashi, near by B10 exsit of Ginza station (subway)
Menu : Japanese
Price : 900 yen ~

Friday, May 29, 2009

MARUZEN Cafe (Hayashi rice)

On Tuesday I went "MARUZEN cafe".

"MARUZEN" is one of famous book stores in Japan, some "MARUZEN" have cafes and we can eat "Hayashi rice" there.

"Hayashi rice" is one of Japanese style Western foods and means "Hashed beef with Rice" in English. We can eat "Hayashi rice" in many restaurants, but "MARUZEN" is specially famous for "Hayashi rice", because Yuuteki Hayashi who is the founder of "MARUZEN" made "Hayashi rice" first.

"MARUZEN" has many kinds of "Hayashi rice" !!!! I chose "Camembert Hayashi rice " (Please look picture !). It was funny taste. However if it is the first time for you to eat "Hayashi rice", I recommend you choose simple "Hayashi rice".


Name : MARUZEN cafe

Location : Nihonbashi (front of Takashimaya departmentstore)

Menu : Japanese and English

Price : 1000 yen ~

Monday, May 25, 2009