Friday, September 17, 2010

Animate Girls Festival 2010

"Animate Girls Festival 2010" will be held on Oct!

I will go to there on 9th Oct.

They will sell many special items of Togainu no chi, Hakuouki, Hetalia, Ayano Yamane and so on.

Especially they will sell Finder special pillow cover and we will be able to make a reservation of Asami doll with special bonus!

If you want to get them, please ask me!

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  1. Are items sold at this event the same items we can find on Animate Shop? Or Where can I find the special items on their shop being sold at this event?
    ^What are they selling besides pillow and doll? For example, are they only selling special Libre Premium comics/novels? what is so special about this premium comic it cost so much 2000-2500yen?

    Is the pillow just the pillow case or is it an actually pillow? Can you give me size of pillow. Thanks ^^

    For the following companies who sells special items at this event. Where can I find the special event page? Or are they selling all items from their webshop?

    Oh and I sent you an email regarding comic city spark5 you can reply me at the same email or you can leave comment here ^^ Thanks!