Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pineapple cake (Lee Kow Bakery)

Now I really love pineapple cake!
It is a famous souvenir in Taiwan, many Japanese people who go to Taiwan buy it as a souvenir.

I was given it by my co-workers twice and I love eating it so much!
Its skin is like cookie and it contains pineapple jam.

Its size is good and its pineapple jam is soft and not so sweet. Very delicious!

In Japan, we can get pineapple cakes but can't find many good ones. Actually, when I went to Yokohama China Town and bought 2 kinds of pineapple cakes, their taste were really so bad!

Now I am waiting for receiving another 3 kinds of pineapple cakes. I am looking forward to them!

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